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4 Myths About Birth Control Pills

It is up to women to protect themselves against pregnancy. Luckily, many birth control options give them choices to do just that. Of those choices, birth control pills are the most commonly used. The pills also happen to be the oldest method of Contraceptive Care out there. Even still, numerous myths exist around birth control pills. These myths can be harmful to women who are searching for birth control options. Relieve worry from your mind with a look at four myths about birth control pills and the truth of the matter.

1.    Birth Control Pills Cause Cancer: This one got around like wildfire thanks to social media.  There is evidence that some types of cancer may be elevated with birth control pill usage, however. Luckily, it’s a myth and birth control pills do not cause any form of cancer.

Contraceptive Care

2.    Myths Prevent STIs; A Sexually Transmitted Infection cannot be prevented with the use of birth control pills. Men can use condoms which will help prevent the spread of STIs. Female condoms are also available, although not as common as the male condom.

3.    Pills Cause Abortions: This myth got started with anti-abortion groups. Luckily, it is not truthful. A birth control pill will not cause an abortion in the event of pregnancy, so that is one less worry you can have.

4.    Birth Control Damages Fertility: Yet another myth to the relief of women, birth control pills do not damage fertility. It may take time to become pregnant after discontinuing use of a birth control pill, but the results remain the same.

The myths above are just a handful of the many that exist about birth control pills. Do not believe everything that you hear because it just might not be true. These examples prove that perfectly.