dental implant in Richmond

A Quick Look At Dental Implants

For this short overview, let’s start with the actual implant. The dental implant in Richmond makes reference to clinical terms being bandied about by professional dental practitioners directly involved in or associated with its principles and practices. One clinical terms refers to an endosseous implant. Otherwise, the layman or woman should feel free to remember that he or she could be eligible for a dental fixture or surgical component.

It is required to ‘interface’ with the bone of the patient’s jaw. Either way, the implant will be supporting the incoming bridge, crown or denture. Another clinical term for referencing purposes is that of a facial prosthesis. To reiterate, the facial prosthesis will be acting as an orthodontic anchor. The processing of preparing and placing today’s dental implants is referred to as osseointegration. A preferred material amongst qualified dental practitioners is that of titanium.

The titanium is effective in helping form that required intimate bond to the bone. The initial placement of the implant is required to encourage the process of osseointegration. Thereafter, a dental prosthetic will be added. Variable amounts of healing time are required for this process. This must happen before the dental prosthetic is attached to the implant. Success rates will still always depend on the overall health of the patient receiving the treatment.

dental implant in Richmond

The use of drugs and/or prescribed medication is a known factor that could impact on success rates, for better or for worse. It could also impact on the health of all other tissues in the mouth. Also note that the presiding dentist needs to assess the amount of stress to be placed on the implant. It is felt that at this point, more than enough has been said to serve you with a worthy introduction. Hope this was helpful.