mosquito control services in Clifton Park

Beating Back Another Mosquito Plague

It has not happened yet. It does not feel as though it has for you, but if you keep track with your news weather bulletins, you will see that it is pretty much it. It may as well be called a mosquito plague. The amount of mosquitoes that plague your neighborhood is really quite scary. Well, it does not happen to you. It happens to them.  Southeast Asia, they are out there in the tropics, the pacific islanders, they are plagued by mosquitoes.

mosquito control services in Clifton Park

It would make you wonder. How would mosquito control services in Clifton Park be of any use in climes like these. The question would kind of make sense given what they would be dealing with. You would not have encountered swarms of this magnitude in your neighborhood even if you tried. Your local mosquito control services unit would certainly have everything under control. But out there? Do not be surprised.

It is actually quite ironic. They have it all under their nose. Across the way from the Philippines is Indonesia, home to one of the last remaining rainforests in the world. And it is here that pest control scientists could source resins quite similar to that found in another part of the Amazon jungle across the world in South America. The resin comes off the bark of a plant that protects it from interfering insects.

Unlike plants and flowers that require the activity of bees and other similar insects, as well as birds, these plants seek to not be bothered. Let’s just say that they have developed the proverbial thick skin. Only this skin kills. And it is right there in their own backyards. You wonder why they never thought of this. Or is there something sinister about this ignorance.